Whew! I Survived The Course….

This is a great course, which opened my eyes to many possibilities for programming with VBA for excel.  However I honestly don’t know how anyone with no prior knowledge can write a really beneficial program on his or her own just after a two-day crammed session.  It will take me for instance at least a few weeks with no interruption and the course notes just to attempt a relatively simple one.

Anyhow the food at the Marina Mandarin Hotel on both days were fantastic! 

The first day was at the Aquamarine Restaurant which boasted an International Buffet spread….pity forgot to take pics. Today was also a buffet but at the Italian Restaurant – Ristorante Bologna!  These were my selections minus the Salad I ate.


Me Lunch..

Me Desert…

5 Responses

  1. wow looks yummy! bladidah badba di what nerd language are you talking about? What is VBA for excel?

  2. omg makes me hungry

  3. wahhhhhhhhhh… drool…….. u should ta pao some for me.. me wants desserts!! hheee

  4. Tsk tsk tsk…. so much for wanting to lose 30kg by end of the year :p Hee hee.

  5. Sharkbait : It was yummylicious! VBA – Visual Basics For Applications. Everyone has it in excel, and for those who have used macros will already have an idea of what it can do. 😉

    Dinky : Hmmm shally we have buttered scornes, jam and tea? That is when you fly over there for your studies….All the best mate! 😛

    Eileen : I simply couldn’t resist the deserts, they were all just colurful and tempting! 😳

    Liz : Slowly but surely lah…already 10% success that is lost 3kgs liao! Anyway what’s life without a little indulgence once in a while eh? 😛

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