But You Love Me Daddy….

 But You Love Me Daddy Song

Kenan is five today! Work up this morning without a care that his milk was now in a cup with a straw instead of a bottle, drank a quick sip and off he went to open his presents! *sighs* Time just swooshes you by eh? All of a sudden my baby boy has grown up……Oh well we dropped by his school to have a mini celebration with his classmates before going off for lunch.  Just as we were leaving, one of his girlfriends came up to him as he was putting on his shoes, whispered something in his ear then kissed him on the cheek.  I had to know what she said to him, so I pestered him to tell me……..heh heh…TO Tweet of Her I Tell ya! *blinks*

Pity Seth couldn’t join us today as he had school, but I’m sure he had as much fun since his class went on excursion to the Zoo.  Kenan on the other had requested to go to the water park again and so we did! 

After that had a little high tea at Downtown East shopping mall (Pics in next post) and it was off back home to rest a little before meeting his grandmother for a Swensen’s  Dinner followed by the movie Hancock.

4 Responses

  1. so what did his lil girl fren told him??? heeheheh…so cute leh..

  2. 😆 I knew someone was bound to ask……she whispered this in his ear….

    “Thanks Kenan you’re the best!” And planted a fat juicy one on his cheeks. 😀

    Why don’t I ever get that sort of treatment? 😳

  3. wah!! puppy love!! at 5 yrs old….

    okay okay. nah..for u only

    Julian kor kor..you’re the best!! huggies hahahha 😛

  4. Are you pulling my leg or what? 😳

    If not then Gee thanks! 😀

    Else then 😛



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