A Let’s Go ‘Dutch’ Web Based Utility

Pagare ognuno per sé, alla “romana”…. Italian
KKB – Kanya Kanyang Bayad…Fillipino
American style..?

Found this web based utility which I think is very useful when the organiser for a large group of friends have to sometimes foot the bill first and seek reimbursement from the rest later.   Smaller groups are much easier to handle when everyone just pays up front either upon arrival or at the end of the function or dinner.  Then there are times when a few just doesn’t have the cash on them and may need to settle up a few days or weeks later. 

This free web based utility is great in that it helps you avoid the awkwardness of borrowing and sharing. It track the debts that might otherwise be forgotten, and it does the cumbersome money-math.  It even has a tracking utility for items that you may loan out like Books, DVDs, CDs, Games, Apparel and any other thing you can think of!

I like this illustration….

Here’s another one..

Oh! You can set your default currency to SGD! Great huh?

Where is this service?

Right here..

FAQs here

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