Living Nature New Zealand Products

I have walked past their store at Marina Square practically on a daily basis as I make my way to work, and so one day I decided to stop and browse through their range of products since I was experiencing a slight skin irritation with acne near the chin area for a couple of days.  My clinique products usually take at least a week or two before I see results, so I was wondering if Living Nature was any different. 

Their prices are not exactly cheap, so I thought of just getting a smaller 20ml tube of their rescue gel just to see if was any good.  It was priced at $27 If memory serves me right, and so the saleslady was telling me that it made better sense to purchase the 50ml one since it was priced at $48.  Being skeptical as usual at this just being salestalk I insisted on just getting the smaller one to try.  That was until she squirted a tiny little bit on a cotton bud for me to try.  I felt an instant relief of sorts, and the woody naturalistic smells gave it an added punch so I ended up buying the 50ml one.

Definitely a worthwhile purchase, as the irritation totally cleared up after two days of use!  And although I have only tried one product so far, I am definitely switching to them once all my clinique products runs out.

Hmmm just found out too, that their products can be ordered online and they offer free shipping for purchases above $100.


Formulated with Manuka Oil and Honey renowned for its healing properties its a soothing fast drying gel for superficial cuts, grazes and skin irritations and blemish prone skin, suitable for all skin types.


To use: Apply as often as needed with clean hands or a cotton-bud.

Hero Ingredients: Manuka Oil and Honey for their proven anti-microbial properties.

Ingredients INCI: Aqua (water), Mel (manuka honey), Leptospermum scoparium oil (manuka oil), Sclerotium gum, Citrus grandis seed extract (grapefruit seed extract), Phormium tenax leaf juice (NZ flax gel), Tocopherol (vitamin E), Xanthan gum, Melaleuca alternifolia oil (tea tree oil)

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