Doubly ‘O’ Feeling?

Well my first instinct for a blog subject title was ‘Double Protection’? but after giving it some thought, I decided that that would be an unlikely answer to my query. 

You see on my way to work this morning, I noticed this lady who was wearing a white three quarter length pant walking in front of me.  Well before you start calling me an old lecher etc.  let me make it crystal that what she wore was in plain sight for everyone else to see.  In fact I got a few mobile numbers of fellow witnesses as backup.  Okay so I am kidding on the backup bit….anyhow the lady in question was wearing a translucent white pair of pants.  Nothing out of the ordinary except for the two highly visible thong and pantylines! Yup that’s right! She was wearing both!  Sorry no pics….except for the one that somehow got stuck in my head, because I was trying to understand the ‘why?’ behind it.  

I had always thought that some women wore thongs simply because they found them comfortable and at the same time wanted to avoid pantylines.  Then of course there are women too, who are always game for a little show and tell and welcome the attention.  Okay since we are at it, there are yet others who would shriek at the thought of wearing thongs (very uncomfortable for some) or at the thought of men gawking at their behinds!  But my question is are there others like this lady who would wear both at the same time? And why?

Here are some possible reasons I came up with :-

  • Double Orgasmic Feeling? *points to subject title* – Some just feel sexy wearing all kinds of sexy underwear.
  • Double Protection? – unlikely eh?
  • Attention Seeker? – Well even if she wasn’t seeking it, she still got it….*grins*

Really cannot think of anything else……..what are your thoughts on this??

Oh and by the way I came across this interesting blog about somesone’s feelings and experience as a man wearing women’s panties! By sheer accident I can assure you!!  

A Fashion Faux Pas?

6 Responses

  1. I for one cannot be bothered about panties and white pants. I wear my panties for comfort. hee hee the other day, Jilly commented that she could see my “Thursday” panties through my white pants. LOL Yup there was Thursday printed on! What was embarrasing was that it was Friday! Sheesh

    But in fashion sense it is a big no no. Either go skin G-string or bare.

    As for why she was wearing both…I have no clue. Could be one of those days that she absent-mindedly put on both? Either that or serioiusly stupid, wore her thong and then a control panty to suck in the tummy!!!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful insight! 😉

    Wonder if anyone else has a theory? hmmmm

  3. strange..hehehhee…and not to mention unsightly 😛

  4. Well the lady in question was petite and shapely so there was nothing unsightly to me, just surprised and curios as to why she needs the dynamic duo! 😆

  5. My guess is that she wanted to do the “show and tell,” to see how many people would notice and/or say anything to her.

    • You might be right Bob! And it’s great to hear from you….Cheers mate! 😉

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