Bangkok Trip 27-29 July 2008

Flight Details :- 27Jul TR108 SIN 1805hrs – BKK 1905Hrs

Flight Details :- 29Jul TR109 BKK 2005hrs – SIN 2330Hrs

Exchange Rate: 24.2

First trip using a Budget Airline and the negative stories I’ve heard prior to flying Tiger Airways did not ring true for me. Perhaps they had completed or re-renovated the Budget terminal and the tiger crew were re-trained or something but everything was smooth and easy sailing….erm I meant flying. Perhaps the only slight discomfort I experienced was due to the proximity of the seats hence the lack of leg room for us somewhat lanky gents.

Due to a very slight delay we reached Bayoke Sky Hotel and checked in at approximately 2000hrs. The room we were provided on the 43rd floor was roomy, very clean, had a nice view….in short great! The only thing missing from the room was a bidet or at least a hose beside the toilet seat. My colleague and I took 10mins to unpack and off we went our separate ways to have dinner. (He joined his Muslim buddies while I went off with Kelvin and Ivy ) The three of us got on a three wheeled Tuk Tuk and made our way to Sawadee Thai Restaurant where we had six dishes but I took pics for only three of them as I was so engrossed in savouring the food that I forgot to take the rest. Bill with the drinks came up to 2660bht.

After dinner we headed on to RCA ( Otherwise known as Royal City Avenue. A complete block of discos and pubs with the flashiest lights and the hippest music.) for drinks and a goodtime. Nice to ‘act’ young again dancing the night away and it sure helped that the drinks were pretty cheap! A whole bottle of Absolut Vodka was only about SGD60.00 Made it safely back to the hotel feeling happy and a little worn out at about 0230hrs then it was ZZZZZZZZ time!

Day 2 & 3

Had a fabulous International Breakfast Buffet at the hotel till about 0900hrs then it was time for all of us to change our form into birds. Oh right….for the benefit of those who do not know what I mean, well when most small birds chirp they often sounds like ‘cheep cheep cheep’ well when we go shopping over there in bangkok practically everyone goes ‘cheap cheap cheap cheap!’ :*grins*

The only difference between day 2 and day 3 was the gym workout we had on day 3 prior to breakfast and the location of the shopping areas we covered and the massages we had. The first massage we had was an oil massage which we wanted in a place with ambience. However we did not want to pay skyrocket prices like the one found in our hotel, the minimum price in the hotel was around 2000 Bht. We found a great place which charged double the ones found along the road but was worth every cent! It’s called Petchada Spa and Health Care and can be found just opposite Bangkok Palace Hotel and we paid only 600 bht each. We also had a head, back and foot massage on the last day at Pratunam Centre for only 139Bht and it was great too less of course the ambience. The best shopping buys in my opinion, were got in the vicinity of our hotel. Of course if you want different things then you’ll have to make your way to the different shopping centres. We covered quite a few namely :-

  • Pratunam Centre – a little like lucky plaza in Singapore, I.T. stuff right on the top floor…
  • Platinum Mall – 70% Ladies fashion 30% gents
  • Big C – Similar to carrefour etc. but ladies can get good deals on lingerie items there
  • Central Mall – There is a Naraya outlet here, and this mall looked the best since the stuff here except for Naraya were little pricey.
  • MBK
  • Siam Discovery Centre

We didn’t feel like going to the Chachuchak Market or the Suam Lum Night Bazaar since we had practically all we were looking for within the hotel vicinity and at Patpong area. Perhaps on our next trip there….hmmmmm


9 Responses

  1. there’s also a sawadee thai restaurant in singapore

  2. Haven’t been there yet, but so far the best Thai food is still to be found in the country itself…..*chokes on lemon grass fishball*


  3. that’s true although the standard of food in golden mile centre not bad imo

  4. Well I must give it a go then eh? 😉

  5. Beautiful scenery ! It makes me miss Bangkok. (The last time I was there was when I was around 4??)

    Yikes, no bidet?! I’ve been here for so many years and I still can’t get over the fact that *no one* uses bidets and they’re not provided anywhere in public restrooms.

    And speaking of vodka, the liquor store by my place looked like this after the 5.8 earthquake hit SoCal. It was pretty scary when it hit since everyone had to be evacuated from the building and the aftershocks left me reallllyyy dizzy.

    Anyway, it’s always good to hear about your travels! 🙂

  6. :EEK: what beautiful scenery sweets? Those are out of town I think….

    Hope you weren’t injured in the quake at all… 😳

    And it is always great to hear from you!

    Take care hear!

    *big bear hugs*

  7. so you are back!! present? heheehhee…

    *just kidding!*

    pppsss: any encounter with the thai girls? 😛

    don’t let your mrs catch u !!

  8. welcome back mate… the hotel looks like the one i stayed in when i went to Bangalore.

    let’s do beers soon. 🙂

  9. Eileen: Still waiting for mine since June leh…hee hee
    And this was a clean trip, I even had my brief on for the oil massage though I kinda regret leaving it on.

    Josh: Wow they have nice hotels there too? Seriously it never occured to me….*blinks* And yup can hardly wait….beginning to miss Chevys

    Cheers mate! 😉

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