Sore To The Bone!

ow Ow OW OUCH! *grimaces in pain*  Just got back from a soccer game in which we played against our colleagues from across the Causeway.  Most of them were half my age! And YES I am really beginning to feel my age! bah!  Muscles started cramping up at half time….apart from age, it had partly to do with the super long rest time. Because the girls started their Captain Ball game on the same pitch.

We lost 7-4 but still I enjoyed every painful minute! The only thing I dreaded was going to work right after the game….sheesh!  When I got off the train, I could hardly walk and so decided I needed to get something to give my legs a good rub down.  It was between Tiger Muscle Rub, Counterpain, Deep Heat or Metsal.  I decided on the latter simply because it had a slightly higher percentage of an active ingriedient *grins*


Before reaching the office I decided to stop by Phiten to see how much their ‘Relax Gel’ was because there are claims that it is really effective.  OH BOY! It is priced at SGD40.00 Wow!  The store assistant was nice enough to let me try it out, and squeezed a very generous amount on my hand.  And so I started rubbing it in on the most painful areas which was my left hamstrings and knee.  And honestly I felt an almost instant relief!  The thing is, I am still undecided if I want to spend that kind of money..*sighs*  When I asked why it was so expensive, he informed me it was because it contained Gold….no kidding…he meant it literally.  Well we’ll see…….

Relax Gel

It contains Aqua Gold. Using it after playing sports you will feel cool, refreshed and relaxed. It protects you from the harmful UV and keeps the humidity of your body.

CONTENTS:Water, Alcohol, BG, Trioctanoin, PEG-100 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Ubiquinone, Superoxide Dismutase, Glycerin, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Rosa Canina Fruit Extract, Carbomer, AMPD, Menthol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Gold, Fragrance.

Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 Award

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One Guy’s Shopping Window

You know something, if you have ever looked in on the blogs of your female friends they will almost always have entries of their latest purchases.  Dress, shoes, bags, stationery and so on and so forth, and it is pretty interesting that they hardly get commented on unless the items are extraordinary.   

To me I find such entries of interest, because you can sometimes get a sense of the latest trends depending on the age group of the ladies or in the least you will be able to get a sense of the likes or dislikes of your female friend.  Another interesting note is that you will hardly find any lingerie items that they purchased, I suppose not many feel comfortable with sharing that kind of information *grins*  

Guys on the other hand, unless of course they have a touch of the feminine side… will more often than not, blog about their latest gadgets!  My question is are people even interested in what their male friends are purchasing other than gadgets? 

Let’s experiment….here are my latest purchases….

Soccer Boots

Soccer Boots


Ti Cross & Chain

Ti Cross & Chain

+F50 Lite Shinguard

+F50 Lite Shinguard

DVD Dexter The First Season




5.0 out of 5 stars I’m Officially A Fan, August 27, 2008

I have never watched a series this dark, complex and yet a little humorous at the same time. It is brilliant to be able to dive into the inner psyche of a serial killer, to try and understand even if but a little, what goes through their cold and twisted minds. Michael C. Hall plays the character to perfection and it is mind boggling how the writers are able to deliver on each and every episode. I had to pace myself otherwise I would have watched the whole season in one day! I’m now waiting on the delivery of season2.

A Truly Original Series!

What got me interested initially was the concept of a serial killer going after serial killers…..

A True Friend Indeed!


A friend in need is…….

  • Sure I’ll help buy you lunch but I can only buy vegetarian food cos of my beliefs.
  • Sure I’ll give you a lift to the nearest train station which is only a five minute drive away, but you do know there are buses available.
  • Sorry to hear of your loss and really sorry I can’t cover your shift, I’ve got to attend a distant relative’s wedding.
  • No need..really it’s my treat! ( A few days later he/she tells you that your share amounts to $36.50 )
  • “Hey bro don’t worry about it, I will arrange the seating for our team with Jack.” Then when you learn that your team wasn’t registered upon closing and you ask your him about it he tells you to check directly with Jack.

Everyone has their fair share of encounters, these are some of the milder ones……so be ever so thankful for your true friends who would never put you through even these ones…

Tshirt For A Cause…

Back, Front

Back, Front


back, front

back, front

To help children in crisis….

The order form from World Vision can be found here.

Wanting To Play The Keys And Strings

I am certainly not one of those parents who would stress my kids out with lessons upon lessons from extra courses, dance,music,karate, more courses etc etc etc. Either to claim that I’ve provided them an all round education, just so I can brag about it to other parents or simply so my kids do not ‘lose out’ to other kids whose parents who are doing it. Of course having tuition is important if the child has difficulty in certain subjects like Chinese (mandarin) in our case but does a child have to go for tuition for every subject just so he/she can hope to get top marks each and every time?

On the contrary I believe a child a should enjoy their childhood while they still can as they will never get to relive it.  That is to say, to have the freedom to play and laugh and just have fun being a child.  However if they show an interest in any particular field, be it sports, academic or music then Yes I would encourage them accordingly.

I was very surprised when my kids asked me if they could have music lessons, Kenan wants to learn the piano while Seth prefers to learn to play the guitar! In fact Kenan asked me about it a few months back, but I wanted to wait and see if he was really keen.  Well he kept reminding me every now and then, that I was suppose to go and find out more about the costs and schedule, that I finally decided to do it.  So he starts his first lesson next month.  Seth is now urging me to sign him up for guitar lessons as well…….hmmmm I suppose I will sign him for next month too.