Saw In The Throat!

Isn’t that what it sometimes feels like? Like you’ve swallowed a saw! Yowza! Well I was having a very sore throat the last two days and to top it off I even had an ulcer on the top right inner lip. 

This morning before coming in to work, I stopped by Guardian Pharmacy looking for my all time favourite lozenges Cepastat because it had provided me with almost instantaneous relief in the past.  It numbs the affected areas while it works it’s magic.  The taste is like sipping on a bottle of Dettol! though I haven’t tried sipping on Dettol myself….in short the taste of Cepastat is YUCKY!  The price of a box of 16 Lozenges is double that of Strepsils but I’d gladly pay to get that saw out!  Today I experimented by holding the lozenge against the ulcer and was amazed that it shrank it within minutes, almost flattening it in the process hence the reason for even blogging about it.

Cepastat $8.25 at Guardian Pharmacy


*note* If your condition is really bad or worsens kindly consult a doctor. It may be a severe throat infection which requires medical attention.

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