Poor Tasting Medicine

So I went to see a Doctor yesterday and I rather enjoyed the visit because the doctor was rather chatty and moreover the medication he prescribed was good.  I paid SGD$40.80 for the lot and was thrilled to see that his consultation cost based on a corporate rate was only $6.00 But what left a poor taste in my mouth was that right at the bottom of the itemised bill was a practice cost of $10!

Don’t get me wrong even if the consulation cost alone was $16 it would be relatively cheap but the idea of paying him to practice medicine doesn’t sound right eh?  Well to clarify, I called the clinic to enquire on the charge and the lady who answered says it is for the operating cost.  Again a term I don’t agree with!  I mean imagine you step into a restaurant and at the end of your meal, you look at your bill to find say a $5.00 cleaning cost!   Or you go to your favourite store and an item on the bill reads air conditioning cost!

Alright maybe it’s just me….but I find it absurd!


2 Responses

  1. yeah it does sound ridiculous

  2. Nice to know someone shares my sentiment…cheers mate!

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