Firefox Rules Again!

I didn’t even realise they had launch a new version 3.01 which is great! I kept checking for new updates on 2.0.6 but got nothing.

Not only is the security better but the interface looks chic!

Here is a few recommended addons

  • WOT (Web of Trust)
  • CookieSafe
  • Sxipper (password management tool)
  • AdBlock Plus

In the past using a small utiility called SIW I managed to see the passwords in the older firefox version.  Not with this one!

2 Responses

  1. The latest version of SIW has support for Firefox 3. You can find it here:

  2. Heya Gabriel,

    wow…what an honour, thanks for dropping by and letting me know of the update. I think SIW is great utility you’ve written and didn’t realise that there was a latest release.

    As for being able to see the passwords using the utility well I was kind of hoping it couldn’t because that would mean a greater security package was written for the latest release of firefox 3, unfortunately that is not the case.

    Cheers mate! 😉

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