When Will The Dark Elves Learn?

Dark Elf Warriors

Dark Elf Warriors

They push and shove, are rude, lie through their teeth and when they gather in hordes their scent is all powerful!  And the funny thing is that they seem to be nastier as their group size increases.  History has shown on more than one occasion that they will even stomp on their own race young or old ! That is to say when things get tough for them and it doesn’t matter that they were paying homage to a religious shrine at the time.

Needless to say that amongst them there are paladins too, though their numbers are small in comparison.  And even they shudder at the despicable behaviour of their race, for them their only association is the colour of their skin!  To think that from their race, are some of the most cultured and brilliant minds to grace the globe.  Some are even leaders in technological breakthroughs all around the world!

So why do the majority behave the way they do? Upbringing? Culture? What??  If you think I am exaggerrating… think again! Recently at a very public place of interest, the dark elves were seen pushing and shoving and even breaking down a protective barrier as a result.  Some were becoming unruly as a ‘ring leader’ starting leading them in some sort of chant.  Then at a show area filled to capacity, an usher requested for a burly dark elf to kindly move in to make way for one of his own….a lady carrying a child.  He simply refused claiming that a friend was coming from the toilet to sit with him. The usher explained that if his friend was in the toilet which was far away from the show area, then he would not be able to come in as they had shut the doors due to maximum occupancy.  The burly elf still refused and then changed his story that his friend was instead somewhere in the show area.  The usher apologised, but had no choice but to push him in slightly before he relented!

Do these dark elves even realise what they are doing? Or is this a normal way of life? Like some sort of barbaric tribe?

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