Wife Auctions Evidence of Husband Affair on Internet – Yahoo News AFP

Wife auctions evidence of husband’s affair on Internet – Yahoo! Singapore News

On Ebay…

The seller, named only as Anna from Queensland state, says next in line for auction will probably be her husband’s Harley Davidson motorcycle “at a start price of 99 cents and, of course, with no reserve!”

A photograph shows the lacy black underpants, described as “size humongous” and the “size small” condom wrapper, which the woman found in her bed after her husband’s alleged affair with a woman named Kylie.


It’s a crazy world we live in…..*grins*

4 Responses

  1. Hey, I read about this. Very entertaining as a reader but couldn’t say so for the wife. Oh well, people tend to do ‘funny’ stuff when they are angry or sad ;p At least she is clever enough to make money out of the husband infidelity.

  2. Haven’t heard from you in a while…Hope all is good…and Yup! people do the craziest things when they’re upset. Hope what she did is therapeutic for her…. 😆

    I would have included perhaps caricatures of the offending couple together with the stuff. 😉

  3. haha! totally something i would do. hee.. hope all’s well. send my love to my 2 boyfriends. x

  4. *grins* I know you would….and sure thing sweets! *bear hugs*

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