Singapore’s Olympic Win

Kazuyuki Takahashi

Photo By: Kazuyuki Takahashi

We finally have a silver medal after 48years! Congratulations Team Singapore!

I was contemplating on whether to blog about this event at all……but it keeps nagging at me that there are quite a few Singaporeans out there that are not happy with the win simply because the team comprises of ‘China Born’ Athletes! How shallow or outdated is that form of thinking?! The world has changed at lightning pace in the last 25 years and yet it appears that some have been left behind. We are a multi-racial society able to interconnect with the rest of the world with a mouse click and yet there are some amongst us who have no clue on just how much we have achieved nor how far we have gotten! sheesh!

Foreign talents are used all over the world whether it is in soccer, swimming, gymnastics, weight lifting, track and field etc. and yet some of our countrymen who seems to have forgotten that we have a serious problem with a declining birth rate are complaining that we have not fielded homemade talents! Did it not occur to these individuals that we did not have a sports school till 2004 and it will take time to even develop such talents? Besides there is a possibility that our current genetic makeup is just not suited for sporting excellence simply because we have spent too much time trying to survive and earn a living in highly competitive and stressful environment. And the result of procreating in such an environment………well?? *grins*

That being said, I am so proud that our tiny dot on the map has just gotten a ‘little bigger’ now that we had met the GIANTS in the finals! Once again a big thank you to my fellow Singaporeans of the ladies table tennis team!!

2 Responses

  1. to me it is important who wins the medal. im happy we won but i’d be alot happier it it was a pure singaporean who won. just my few cents worth

  2. And your definition of a pure Singaporean Sir? To what degree? Are we talking genetic makeup? Birth? I know Singaporeans who are not born here who are very much more patriotic than those who are.

    My father was born in Malaysia and came to Singapore to settle down and start a family. He was a school teacher here for 30++years and helped educate a lot of Singaporeans. Is he less of a Singaporean than me?

    How different is this sort of thinking as compared to those on racism or ethnic cleansing? Perhaps not to these extremes……just a whole lot more adulterated?

    Anyhow to happier times! Cheers!

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