Some Morbid Humour


  • Around housing estates rising smoke from burning offerings, during the prayers for the dead are choking the life of the living! The great thing about it, is that the non-believers are not the only ones suffering!
  • Around the world thousands of female fans are screaming with joy at eMoTheRapy’s latest single ” I cut myself Most who were interviewed, said they absolutely love the song because they could relate.  
  • Underage or rather ‘alledgedly’ underage smoking teens are shunned, booed and treated in a smiliar fashion as they are at the olympics! One group are too young to smoke while the other are just too young to win Gold medals!
  • Aliens are not welcome! Says protesters carrying picket signs, and in a recent interview this is what they had to say, “They have taken our jobs, and have somehow beaten the system to make their homes here on earth legal, but to us they will always be regarded as aliens from another planet! They are and will always be known as Space Invaders!”

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