Wanting To Play The Keys And Strings

I am certainly not one of those parents who would stress my kids out with lessons upon lessons from extra courses, dance,music,karate, more courses etc etc etc. Either to claim that I’ve provided them an all round education, just so I can brag about it to other parents or simply so my kids do not ‘lose out’ to other kids whose parents who are doing it. Of course having tuition is important if the child has difficulty in certain subjects like Chinese (mandarin) in our case but does a child have to go for tuition for every subject just so he/she can hope to get top marks each and every time?

On the contrary I believe a child a should enjoy their childhood while they still can as they will never get to relive it.  That is to say, to have the freedom to play and laugh and just have fun being a child.  However if they show an interest in any particular field, be it sports, academic or music then Yes I would encourage them accordingly.

I was very surprised when my kids asked me if they could have music lessons, Kenan wants to learn the piano while Seth prefers to learn to play the guitar! In fact Kenan asked me about it a few months back, but I wanted to wait and see if he was really keen.  Well he kept reminding me every now and then, that I was suppose to go and find out more about the costs and schedule, that I finally decided to do it.  So he starts his first lesson next month.  Seth is now urging me to sign him up for guitar lessons as well…….hmmmm I suppose I will sign him for next month too.

8 Responses

  1. Great post. I’m going to share this with my students!

  2. Hiya Edward,

    just got round to watching your demo ‘reflections in water’ and I think it’s great but can someone like me really learn to play that easily? To me the most confusing thing is the chords and positions.


  3. it’s nice that the kids themselves wanna learn!

    i was kinda ‘forced’ hahh.. nah.. my mum did ask me but hey i was only 7 yrs old..and quite dumb back then. so i agreed :X

    where is Kenan gonna take his piano lessons? in a school or with a pte teacher? anyway..if he needs a pte teacher in the future, I can recom. a few 🙂

  4. There’s an OSSIA branch near our home, so we’ll let them try it out there first, and I wonder why we were never asked if we wanted to take up playing any instruments??? ❓

  5. me n my siblings used to take up piano lessons… wen we’re really young… stop ard 2004 tt time… aft my grafe 5 practical exam… i jus dun haf e passion for it…

    jus a lil disappointed tt my sis didn’t wanna cont’ wid e piano lessons… cuz she is much better in music den me…

    It’s great tt ur kids wanna learn… hope dey haf lots of fun learnin… n perform beautiful music @ home n outside 🙂

  6. Gee thanks madame… *winks*


  7. maybe your boys and I could jam sometime ? 😉

  8. Wow that would be an honour….oh Maestro! 😉

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