A True Friend Indeed!


A friend in need is…….

  • Sure I’ll help buy you lunch but I can only buy vegetarian food cos of my beliefs.
  • Sure I’ll give you a lift to the nearest train station which is only a five minute drive away, but you do know there are buses available.
  • Sorry to hear of your loss and really sorry I can’t cover your shift, I’ve got to attend a distant relative’s wedding.
  • No need..really it’s my treat! ( A few days later he/she tells you that your share amounts to $36.50 )
  • “Hey bro don’t worry about it, I will arrange the seating for our team with Jack.” Then when you learn that your team wasn’t registered upon closing and you ask your him about it he tells you to check directly with Jack.

Everyone has their fair share of encounters, these are some of the milder ones……so be ever so thankful for your true friends who would never put you through even these ones…

2 Responses

  1. To share one of my recent experiences:

    Thanks for lending me your membership card. Oh, btw, i have used some of your points to get a pendant for my niece. *Then mumbled something about paying me back in cash…and conveniently forget about it 5 mins later* I’m fine with her using the points but at least have the courtesy to ask first….

    Some people….*roll eyes*

  2. Gees! Some people have the nerve!! Well what goes around will come around…..

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