One Guy’s Shopping Window

You know something, if you have ever looked in on the blogs of your female friends they will almost always have entries of their latest purchases.  Dress, shoes, bags, stationery and so on and so forth, and it is pretty interesting that they hardly get commented on unless the items are extraordinary.   

To me I find such entries of interest, because you can sometimes get a sense of the latest trends depending on the age group of the ladies or in the least you will be able to get a sense of the likes or dislikes of your female friend.  Another interesting note is that you will hardly find any lingerie items that they purchased, I suppose not many feel comfortable with sharing that kind of information *grins*  

Guys on the other hand, unless of course they have a touch of the feminine side… will more often than not, blog about their latest gadgets!  My question is are people even interested in what their male friends are purchasing other than gadgets? 

Let’s experiment….here are my latest purchases….

Soccer Boots

Soccer Boots


Ti Cross & Chain

Ti Cross & Chain

+F50 Lite Shinguard

+F50 Lite Shinguard

10 Responses

  1. hey cool boots!

  2. Thanks! I have the exact design for indoor soccer, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this on sale less 50%! I had to buy them! 😆

  3. nice chain and pendent!

    *cough* can’t say much about the boots *cough cough*

  4. Errr…you with chain and pendent?!?! Never see you wearing one…. :p

  5. Hey Eileen thanks..and I don’t expect the ladies to appreciate soccer boots unless they wear them too… 😆

    Liz : I didn’t particular liked wearing any form of jewellery or accessories. In fact I have a gold chain and crucifix given to me by mom and I use to feel like Tom Jones when I wore it. Also it is not good sense to wear it when engaged in contact sports like Rugby so I stopped wearing it. This pendant and chain is made from pure Titanium hence the reason for purchasing it. 😉

    Does this mean I should continue posting purchases I’ve made from time to time?? ❓

  6. u play rugby? i wouldn’t mind trying

  7. Why not? We learn more about a person through the purchases they made….like…i never know u play rugby. Hee hee.

  8. Well I used to play for many years, just stopped in the last 2 to 3 years. And you have to be SUPER FIT to play otherwise you’ll not only let your teammates down but you’ll be prone to injuries. 🙂

    Just got back from a soccer game and I’m really feeling my age mun! 😳

  9. *ahem* remember about your chol.level? kekeke

    yes your shopping items.. i dun wan to be the only one doing that 😛

  10. orh… 😆

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