Yup She Was On TV

Yes my wife was on TV being interviewed on Chanel 8 and aired yesterday on a show segment called ‘Tourism Insiders’ at 9pm.  I think the whole interview lasted at least six minutes and she spoke Mandarin 90% of the time.  Basically she was talking about her job and how working with animals is her passion.   Overall I think she did great! Woo hoo!

10 Responses

  1. alamak …i missed it.. should have told us b4 hand

  2. Well I wont be surprised if there is a repeat telecast, also on MobTV 😉

  3. wah i didn’t know she could speak chinese! she looks so angmoh or graguk that i just assumed…. guess i shouldn’t judge a book by its cover! and now i’m going to try youtube the thing. (its so exciting when an angmoh looking person speaks a local dialect la! yes, i’m easily amused..) haha..

  4. Hmmm…anyhow I tried but no one seems to have uploaded it to youtube. Waiting to see if her colleague had recorded the interview. Can Johan speak malay? *blinks*

  5. woohooo… GO WIFEY!

  6. haha ya but i think his malay is as half past six as mine. anyway if anything, he should know how to speak an indian dialect, but he doesn’t la. lol.

  7. Well so long as he speaks the language of love eh? Muhahaha! 😆

  8. wow, that was soooo not cheesy.. hehe! x

  9. wanna hear cheesy….how bout if you need help in that language you know who to look for?


  10. hur hur hur…

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