Ice Cream Cart In The Office?

Can you imagine stepping out into the common office area, to find that some of the bosses are at an ice cream cart scooping up ice cream into cones and giving them out to the staff?  Yup! That’s what happen yesterday afternoon to everyone’s delight! My handy phone cam was on hand to capture the moment…..oh the last pic has nothing to do with this post, just was thrilled to see a new design for a toilet sign/mural at Tampines Mall I think.


14 Responses

  1. any choc ice cream for me?

  2. Sure….there are lots of leftovers of chocolate but all squished together to make an exciting new flavour, it’s called the Singapore Swing! 😆

  3. cool~~

    wish i get to experience tt too sia…

    seem like u haf interestin workplace…

  4. wah..:P yummmmmm

    just spamming 😛

  5. Jieying : Well I’ve been with them for over 10 years…so that should say something about the place? *winks*

    Eileen: spam away madame 😛

  6. woah… icic… haha… hope i get to work in such environment in e future sia~

    p.s. do dey need temp/part time staff >.<

  7. this will bit be happening in my office…
    nice time bonding with ice-cream…^_^

  8. JY : all the hiring goes through an agency…. 😳

    koikoi: we can all bond with ice cream on our own eh? *winks*

  9. haha… just jokin abt e temp/part time staff part lar 😀

    anyway… hope to c u on fri 😀

  10. Thought it was this Friday…anyhow I’ll try but it doesn’t look good as my colleague is planning to clear his annual leave and so I might have to cover.


  11. oh… hmmm… den try to join us for dinner or something yea? u gt my hp no? i lost all my contact le cuz my hp spoil>.<

  12. No I don’t me can? Thanks… 😉

  13. erh… dun tink i gt ur email… will pm u in stomp

  14. Thanks…;)

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