Are We Losing The Human Touch?


You would think that with all the technological advancements, which has makes it possible to connect with people all over the world that people would actually become warmer and friendlier? Take Facebook for example, how many of you like me have friends from all over the world?  And yet would you ever be able to meet up with just 10% of them to shake their hands in person?  Even the way business is conducted these days has changed so much that meeting up with people is no longer a common practice.  It seems these days it is more cost effective to hold video conferences then to fly up for business meetings.  So what happens to the human element the very essence which make us human? The spirit or soul within us that reaches out to one another to strengthen bonds in ways only the human spirit can?

You know, I believe that if we do not actively participate in some form of gregarious activity we will eventually lose the human touch.  That is the abililty to communicate effectively on a social level or even to have a social conscience. So what are some of the ways to stay connected?  Well there is sports, religious groups, community service programs, arts and dance groups and so on and so forth. Each and everyone of us will just have to make the time and choose an activity which would best suit his or her own lifestyle.

Then there are those who feel that they can be sociable online and are very happy to do so in the comfort of their homes. They can chat online for hours on Internet messengers or forums and feel they have an active social life!  What they do not realise is that almost all all of us have an innate need to connect face to face, to experience the connection on an emotional level.  And for those in deeper emotional realtionships will take it further on a physical level otherwise we are no better than living robots.  They may argue that they too can connect online on an emotional level! But it is just not the same! Is it? The human expressions, the sound of laughter, tears,the voice and most wonderful experience of it all is the invisible connection/s that happens only when two or more gathered together.

Perhaps this would explain why some are insociable, indifferent, self centred, or simply clueless when it comes to others!  In short they have lost the human touch…..


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