Some Interesting Gadgets…



MP3 player for swimming now how cool is that? Unlike other MP3 players, which transmit sound through the air or water, this new device uses a technology, which sends the vibrations that generate the sound through your cheekbones, thus giving it a perfect clarity.



One for the girls…… The OhMyBod folks have designed the new iPod vibrator. The device vibrates to the rhythm of the song your listening to, so you get to feel the beat literally ha ha.

It is equipped with a universal headphone connector and a 3 feet long cord. It comes with a velvet pouch to keep it in when you’re not using it and you get an invitation to share your favorite tunes on Club Vibe on the iTunes iMix section.

2 Responses

  1. eeeks!……what ever is that for? ipod vibrator..!!?! 😛

  2. Aren’t you the expert? *blinks* 😆

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