Quirky Things One Does To Bring On A Smile….

Some small, simple things I do to enjoy life a little…..

  • Eat a really savory meal ( especially one that has not been eaten in a long while )
  • Drink a refreshing drink ( depends on the mood of the day…beer can be refreshing too )
  • Track down a long forgotten song and listen to it over and over….( Just managed to find ‘Ribbons Of Blue’ by Boney M, an extra wonderful feeling because no one else I know seems to remember this one)
  • Placed the Grey’s Anatomy Theme Song as a mobile ringtone *grins* ( And change the ringtone every few months)
  • Watch a nice DVD like ‘The Game Plan’
  • Try something new…( like a fish spa? and Nope haven’t tried it yet ) *update 19Nov08* Tried it Yay!
  • Floating faceup in a swimming pool
  • Enjoying the breeze at the seaside.
  • Spend a morning at the zoo or the birdpark. 
  • Purchased a fleur-de-lis puzzle ring

4 Responses

  1. check list

    2 — yes! cold cold glass of coke on a hot day!!
    3— yes! songs by little tigers hahaha
    7— yes! love doing that.. but i hate water in my ears

    go try the fish spa .. go qian hu ..they are the cheapest around

  2. Hiya Eileen,

    2-Yup a cold glass of coke works too….
    3-Songs by little tigers? must be a group who sings fun, chinese songs right?
    7-Get yourself a pair of earplugs… 😉

    And how does one who doesn’t drive get all the way to Qian Hu?? 😳

  3. 3–they dun just sing fun chinese songs u know.. but yes that’s the group 😛 wayyyyyyyyy back in the early 90s

    😛 qian hu has free shuttle service during weekends i heard

  4. Eileen : Oh so des ne, domo arigato gozaimus! 😛

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