Singapore Grand Prix – Formula One Night Race Finals

The first ever night race held in Singapore was filled with thrills and spills on a beautiful lighted track, certainly that is the way I will remember it.  I must admit, I was never an F1 fan till now! 

Let’s see what has happened so far….

  • Unfortunate for Nelson Piquet, he was the first to crash and though he escaped with minor injuries his Renault car did not.
  • Felipe Massa who was leading the race has dropped to 18 position due to an incident at the pit where his fuel line was still tightly attached when he sped off because of the green light.
  • Rosberg and Kubica were given stop and go penalties.
  • Both Massa and Hamilton who started as leaders are trailing behind, with F. Massa much further back at 16 position due to a penalty for the fuel line incident I believe.
  • Lap 46/61 Fernando Alonso for Renault is still in the lead, followed by Nico Roseberg
  • With 10 laps to go, A.Sutil crashes into the safety barrier, hence the safety car comes out once again. A very exciting finish is expected as a result!
  • With 4 laps to go, Kimi Raikkonen crashes – No points for Ferrari
Updates were live….

2nd Nico Roseberg
3rd Lewis Hamilton

4 Responses

  1. the race was the best this year

  2. Will have to take your word for it cos like I mentioned, I wasn’t a fan bro… 😳


  3. I watched it…
    only watch the final completely. 🙂
    qualifying only catch here and there abit… 🙂

  4. The final was exciting wasn’t it? 😉

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