Street Of Paris

I fell in love with this ‘Oil on Canvas’ piece entitled ‘Street Of Paris’ and acquired it three days later!


Street Of Paris

Street Of Paris

Google Chrome Latest Build

Security Update
  • This release fixes an issue with address spoofing in pop-ups. A site could convince a user to click a link to open a pop-up window. The window’s address bar could be manipulated to show a different address than the actual origin of the content.
    Security rating: Medium. This flaw could be used to mislead people about the origin of a web site in order to get them to divulge  sensitive information.
    Disclosed by: Liu Die Yu of the TopsecTianRongXin research lab.
Top Issues Fixed
  • Scrolling with laptop touchpads now works.
  • Improved performance and reliability for plugins (like Flash, Silverlight, QuickTime, and Windows Media). We fixed issues with video not loading, stopping after a second, and slowing down or freezing Google Chrome (100% CPU usage). 
  • Fixed the ‘chrome has crashed’ message when you close a tab that was showing PDF using Adobe Reader 9. 
  • We no longer store data from secure sites (they use https: and show a lock in the address bar) in your history. You can still search your history for the site’s address, but not the contents on the page. 
  • Improved performance and reliability for people who use web proxies (thanks to griffinz for the fixes).
Changes to how things look and work
  • The New tab, New window, and New incognito window options moved from the ‘Control the current page’ menu to the ‘Customize and control Google Chrome’ (wrench) menu. Thanks to Szymon Piechowicz for the patch.  
  • ‘New incognito window’ always opens a new window. ‘New window’ always opens a new normal window. Both options are always visible on the wrench menu. 
  • The spell checker works on text input fields and underlines misspelled words. You can now add words to the spell check dictionary so they are not shown as misspelled (right click on a misspelled word and choose ‘Add to dictionary…’).
  • The download behavior for files that could run programs (exe, dll, bat, etc.) has changed. These files are now downloaded to unconfirmed_*.download files. Google Chrome asks you if you want to accept the download. Only after you click Save is the unconfirmed_*.download file converted to the real file name. Downloads that you never confirm are deleted when Google Chrome exits.

Fairy Tales Are Actually Scary…

Found this interesting article….

Fairy tales: Scarier than you think

The original versions of tales like Sleeping Beauty were never meant for children.

By Mary, Quite Contrary

Unless your childhood was devoid of cartoons and storybooks, you should be quite familiar with tales featuring the likes of Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. They’re all saccharine sweet and full of happily ever after, which masks the fact that they are based on gruesome, bloody tales that were never meant for children. Sleeping Beauty, for instance gets more than a kiss from her Prince Charming in the original story, written by Giambattista Basile in 1636. Instead, she gets raped and subsequently gives birth to twins.

Fairy tales originated as women’s stories passed down orally as a means of rebelling against oppression, political censorship and the literary establishment at that time. Usually violent and with a moral to boot, they became more palatable when Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm started collecting these tales from German peasants and Charles Perrault started retelling them in neighbouring France. These eventually evolved to become the well-loved stories we know today. Here’s a look at three fairy tales popularised by Disney.

Cinderella – mutilation

Both Perrault and the Grimm Brothers wrote versions of this tale, which differ vastly in plot and characterisation. In the Perrault version, for instance, Cinderella actively sources for transportation to the ball, suggesting that the rat trap might be a good place to find a coachman, instead of standing around looking bewildered as she does in the Disney version. She is also as scheming as her stepsisters, pretending to have been woken from sleep by their return and feigning surprise when they tell her about the mysterious princess at the ball.

All this pales in comparison to the Grimms’ account. In it, as in Perrault’s version, the ball is not a one-off affair but a two-day festival. On her first night out dancing with the prince, Cinderella manages to disappear when the clock strikes 12. On the second, night, however, the prince shows himself to be far from charming and gallant. He orders that the stairs be tarred with pitch. Cinderella’s left slipper gets stuck. Happily, she sustains nary a sprain and sprints off into the night.

The obsessed prince hunts her down, but the evil stepmother insists that her two daughters force their feet into the tiny shoe so either one of them can marry him. To expedite things, one cuts off her toe; the other, her heel which really, is no less than what some women would do for a pair of Louboutins. It doesn’t work and the prince eventually finds and marries Cinderella, who receives her stepsisters’ eyeballs as a wedding present from the birds (the ornithological version of the fairy godmother). An eye for an eye, as they say. Or four.

Snow White – cannibalism

Old Walt cut his animation teeth on this fairy tale, which became the first full-length animated feature to be produced by Disney. One stark difference between this version and the original telling is the Queen’s motive for asking the huntsman to kill Snow White and bring back the heart. In the cartoon, all the Queen wants the heart for is proof that Snow White is dead, completely omitting the Queen’s intent to have the heart for dinner. The huntsman, however, doesn’t have the gumption to do it and brings back a pig’s heart for the cook to salt, after which we imagine the queen had a grand time smacking her lips over a good stew.

In some versions, the Queen doesn’t stop at the heart. She must have been on a high-protein diet, because she asks for Snow White’s liver, lungs, intestines and even a bottle of her blood stoppered with a toe. Wonder if she ate the toenail too?

The Little Mermaid – murder and suicide

Of the three cartoons we’ve covered here, The Little Mermaid deviates most from Hans Christian Andersen’s account. In the Disney version, Ariel goes to Ursula the sea witch to trade her voice for a pair of legs so that she can become human and pursue the Prince. Ursula, however, uses Ariel’s voice to bewitch the Prince and nearly succeeds in marrying him before she is overthrown and Ariel struts down the aisle in a poufy dress, keeps her gams and gets her voice back. Joy.

In Andersen’s version, however, the witch warns the mermaid before cutting off her tongue and turning her tail into legs that she will die and turn into sea foam if she fails to hook the prince. The mermaid gets to shore and moves in with the prince who, sadly, treats her like a sister. He soon falls in love with a princess and they get hitched.

Desperate to save the mermaid, her sisters swim to shore sporting 10-dollar haircuts. Their hair has bought time from the witch – if the mermaid kills the prince, she will get her tail back and live another 300 years before she dies and turns to sea foam. If she doesn’t, she will die at sunrise. The mermaid can’t do it, and in a fit of depression, kills herself by jumping off the ship. And you thought Korean celebrity suicides were dramatic.


If you’d like a different take on the above by Arthur Nonimus Click Here

The Hunt For ‘Acrylic’ October…

Hunting for an acrylic framemaker for my serigraph led me to an interesting merchant.  I am still a little confused as to my recent encounter with them, but still I went ahead and paid them to frame my piece.  ( Leap of Faith?) Here’s why……

I had been communicating via email with a ‘Harry’ on a recommendation for the type of frame, the ‘how to’ on mounting and getting a quotation for it.  He had given me pretty swift replies and gave me quotations for both the acrylic frame I wanted as well as an alternative & cheaper aluminium one, so I decided to get it done with his company and so asked him how I would go about ordering it? 

He requested for me to bring the art piece down to his office/showroom to get the order done and that it would take two days to complete.  I didn’t quite understand what he meant so I gave him a call to clarify.  He explained over the phone that they would custom make the frame and do the framing of the piece for me.  I agreed and told him that I would either bring it to him today or tomorrow.

Well it was a sweltering hot afternoon! Still I made my way to his office at approximately 1330hrs to learn that he was out for lunch.  His colleague called him on his mobile and was told to go ahead and accept my art piece and so hung up.  I was surprised and informed his colleague that I was not about to hand over my art piece without and invoice of sorts for work to be done.  The colleague called Harry back and informed him, then requested I take a seat as Harry was coming back in five minutes. 

I suspect they are used to dealing with corporations or companies and not so much on an individual customer basis.  Anyhow Harry came back and introduced himself to me, a soft spoken and very decent looking chap indeed.  I explained to him that it was my first time dealing with their company and I would prefer to have an invoice etc. also if they could deliver it to my home upon completion?  He was accommodating and replied that he would make arrangements for it to be delivered, hence would require my details.  He prepared the invoice marked ‘COD’ and so I inquired if I could pay by credit card instead, he replied Yes but it could only be done at the office/showroom.  At this I decided to go ahead and settle the payment straightaway.   He thanked me for my order as he handed me the invoice and receipt, I smiled and walked off with it. 

I looked at the invoice as I was walking and noticed that it had my name and address, even the frame I ordered but was uncomfortable that there was no mention of the piece I had handed to him for framing.  So I penned this below the decription of the item being ordered “received from customer 1 art piece 30″ x 44″ for framing” (stupidly forgetting to include the title of the piece etc.) and went back to the office for him to acknowledge.  He did so willingly and off I went again.

Hmmm…hope all goes well….

Anyhow here is a sample of the frame I will be getting:- note however that mine will be landscape and have six spacers instead of four.


Acrylic Sandwich Frame

Acrylic Sandwich Frame


Oh and by the way the merchant has their own website and impressive range of display items! Their name Display 101!

Golden Village Movie Club

Just found out recently that Golden Village is promoting their membership card for Free.  Although I prefer watching my movies at the Cathay Cinema, I think it a novel idea that they try and retain their customers.  So what is so great about their membership?  Well decide for yourself and sign up anyway since it’s free!

  • Gold Class Dining Privilege – Enjoy 10% off Wine & Dine.
    Relax and enjoy fine wine with restaurant quality food in the cinemas and private lounge. Feel extra privileged, simply present your membership card to enjoy this offer.
  • $6.50 Movie Tickets – every Tuesday.
    So many movies, so little time. With the discounted ticket price just for members, you and your loved ones now have another reason to visit the cinemas every Tuesday!
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free Movie Ticket – on your birthday.
    Login to print your eVoucher then bring a friend and treat yourself to a free movie on your birthday!
  • Top Spenders Giveaway – be rewarded monthly with free movie tickets.
    It’s all about rewarding you. The top five spenders monthly will be treated to free movie tickets! Come enjoy the movies on us!
  • Free SMS Confirmation – save S$0.20 with every online booking.
    Simply log-in to purchase your tickets online and we’ll waive the SMS confirmation fee.
  • Priority Seat Selection – reserved just for you.
    We will help you get your favourite seats online every week! So go on, gather your friends and plan your weekend effortlessly with us.
  • Invitation to Gala Premieres – plus other exclusive members-only content and communications.
    You’ll always be the first to know about the latest news and receive exclusive invites to gala premieres. Look out for other exciting benefits and privileges!
  • Members Monthly Draw – win free movie tickets simply by visiting GV cinemas.
    Every month, we’ll have a lucky draw for members who recently presented their card at the Box Office. The more times you visit GV cinemas, the higher your chances of winning!
  • $1 OFF Combo of the Week – indulge and save even before the movie starts.
    Buy as many as you like and save a dollar everytime! Combo of the Week usually comes with a collectible, so take home that something special today.

After you register, they will send you an email confirmation to collect your card ( in the shape of a cup of popcorn ) at any of their box office.
Click HERE to register!

“You Can’t go Home Again” Serigraph by William Schimmel

There is something about this piece that called out to me…..Just had to get my hands on it!  Now that I have acquired it, I wonder where will I be able to go to get it framed up? Preferrably with one of those transparent sort of acrylic frame….hmmm???


You Cant go Home Again By William Schimmel

"You Can't go Home Again" By William Schimmel

“You Can’t go Home Again” is a limited edition Serigraph on artist paper that is numbered and hand signed by Schimmel! Includes Certificate of Authenticity! Measures Approx: 44″ X 30″ (with border), 40″ X 25″ (image). Listprice: USD$2,000.00 

William Schimmel Jr. (who prefers to be called “Schim”) is the son of talented watercolorist William Sr. Like his father, Schimmel spent many years teaching art. Due to the popularity of his work, he now works on his art full time. Schimmel’s talents are not limited to painting, as he is also a gifted musician who has played professionally in a handful of bands in his home state of Arizona. His father’s artistic teachings focused primarily on landscapes. As a result, William now primarily uses nature scenes for his subject matter. 

Edition Number : 131/375
24″ X 30″

serigraph n.
A print made by the silk-screen process.