Movie – Mirrors

 Starring: Kiefer Sutherland, Paula Patton, Amy Smart, Jason Flemyng

Director: Alexandre Aja

I was actually planning to watch ‘Eagle Eye’ but got the show timings wrong, so I had to choose between ‘Big Stan’ or ‘The House Bunny’ till this movie caught my eye.  I was curios to see Kiefer in this horror movie, after watching him as ‘Jack Bauer’ for six seasons in 24.  

It was a decent horror film with some pretty gory scenes and a few little shocking ones.  I was surprised that the critics were pretty harsh with this one, perhaps they just don’t like french directors? Kiefer did a good job playing the lead and his wife played by Paula Patton looks really hot in this one! Another black actress which is as smoking hot as Halle Berry!

The only problem I had with the storyline was that towards the last quarter of the movie, they tried to give an explanation for the horrific events that was taking place. It would have been better off for the audience not knowing, perhaps even ‘eerier’ if there is such a word.  Oh and I only found out later that this was a remake of the Korean Feature Film GEOUL SOKEURO 2003.

It was better than most of the horror films these days, but if you’re not convinced then you might want to wait for the Dvd For this one. This dark, gothic-like film is rated M18 here and R in the States.


Paula Patton

Paula Patton

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