Meet Lara Croft! SG GUYS & Gals Can Countdown To It…..

Is your heart racing yet? Blood pumping? NO?  Well it will be soon enough….When the gorgeous gymnast of 12 years, Alison Carrol who is the newest latest  Official face of Lara Croft arrives in SIngapore!  She will be appearing at X08, the biggest Xbox event of the year from OCT 24 to OCT 26 2008. 

Fans will get a chance to get an autograph and have photos taken with her! ( not too sure of the details but this oppoturnity may be for Xbox Live Gold members only. Also registration will be up soon )  Still you will get to see her live……. 

Name:Alison Carroll
Date of Birth:1985
Where born:Croydon, United Kingdom
Hair Colour:Brown

Oct 24 -26, 2008

Marina Square

5 Responses

  1. Aiyo….some say I look like her….even the body!!! I could be the next Lara Croft man…NOT!!!!

  2. Noticed on the Interactive Chat thingy…my icon is a very angry pink blob!!! Aiyo!!! 🙂

  3. Have you been working out? Ahem! and well you could have signed in to your wordpress account and your pic will show up 😉

  4. If I did that, I’d get too many fan mails…LOL….

    Yeah I’ve been working out!!! My jaw is much tighter now, gobbling all kinds of glorious food!

  5. Wow you’re sense of humour just got sharper 😆

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