A Capuccino In Lean Times….

Yup I am beginning to feel the pinch with everything going up, Up, UP!  Still I’d love to have a nice cup of Capuccino once in a while without busting the bank!


Here is one way….

Only SGD$5.95 For A Box Of 10

Only SGD$5.95 For A Box Of 10

  • Luscious and foamy…nice head…
  • Comes with a small canister of powdered chocolate that you can sprinkle on top.
  • Good Tasting and Aromatic enough
  • Only 60 calories per sachet but I prefer to add a little sugar so that would be another what? 20 calories more?
Any other ideas for affordable luxuries?

4 Responses

  1. ummmm…..what are luxuries???? Bor bor and tao yu

  2. What is bor bor? And luxury as in ‘Something inessential but conducive to pleasure and comfort.’

  3. from Kenny Chan’s Bibik….poridge and black sauce…hee hee

    sigh my only luxury these days are my cigs

  4. Sorry dear, you have confused luxury with stupidity…..I should know, I was once that stupid too! 😡

    QUIT NOW! 😛

    Btw, I found something that may help you quit, found it by accident or you might say divine intervention, anyhow will be emailing the pdf prayer file to you shortly. You may not believe this but I found it approx 2 mins after first typing the first part of the response and I wasn’t even looking for it!

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