Routinely Comforting Strangers

Do you have people you meet or see on a regular enough basis and although they may be total strangers they bring about a little comfort just by being there?  When I talk about comfort here, I mean it in the sense that things are in order or as they should be, so much so that it may sometimes even bring on a smile.  Here are a few of my examples…..

There is this elderly black man whose disposition is very much like a jazz musician and possesses a very unique dress sense.  He regularly sits at the Starbucks at Civic Centre in the mornings and drinks his hot drink out of a Starbucks Metal Travel mug.  I often see him on the way to the Post Office or when I’m walking towards the direction of the overhead bridge. He reminds me a little of Bill Cosby….

Then there is the MRT Station security guard in Woodlands whom I see on a very regular basis to and from work who has an uncanny resemblance to Dennis Franz of the hit TV series NYPD Blue.

Oh and there is this family of five in Church on Sundays who sits about two rows in front of us on the left, the father would sometimes come up to shake my hand if he sees me just to say hello.

Then there is the coffee shop lady from across the road from where we live who now brings us our drinks without having to order them when we go there for breakfast.

There are a few more I’m sure but just doesn’t come to mind at this moment…..oh and below is a new poll feature which is easily incorporated into wordpress that I thought I’d give a try.  So please do comment or take the poll OR hey DO BOTH! 😉


2 Responses

  1. awww so sweet

  2. Eh? What’s so sweet? ❓

    And you didn’t vote! 😡


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