Diners Club International Ace Credit Card

I panicked a little when I received an SMS alerting me that my application for this 500 dollar card was approved and that I should call a number if I do not receive the card after 3 working days.  Why? Because as far as I know, I had not submitted any such application!  When I called the number in the SMS there was a greeting to say that it was Diners Club Customer Service but then got transferred to voicemail system!  I left a message for a call back and hung up.

Approx 20mins later, I got the return call, so I asked the lady how or when did I apply for the card.  She informed me that It was probably when i did some bill payments over the AXS machine.  I informed that I usually don’t use the AXS machines but if I did…it was probably to help my wife pay her bill a few months ago.  She then asked if I entered any contest after the transaction, of which I did! And that there was an agreement in the fine print that I would be applying for the card as well.  Wow! and here I thought was always careful in reading the fine print!

Anyhow when I came home the very same day, the card was already in my mailbox!  So if you had a similar experience and received the card….here are somethings you’ll need to pay attention to.

  • 1st year: FREE;
  • 2nd year fee waiver: min.12 card transactions required during 1st year or pay $28 annual fee
  • You’ll need to enrol for the Online statement or pay $1 for an optional monthly paper statement.
  • Card is sent deactivated! You’ll need to activate it on an AXS machine! And it’ll be active only six hours later!!
  • Finance Charge is 27.6% p.a. with a min of 2.50 per month
  • Late payment is $40 or 5% per mth of Min. payment whichever is greater
  • Overlimit fee is $30 if oustanding balance exceeds Credit limit ( Very Sneaky since they seem to be allowing you to go over)
P.S. Yup now for the break I mentioned below…. 😉
UPDATE 20 Oct 2008**** They removed the advertisement and the orginal picture of the 500 Card from their website! Hmmm wonder what happened???

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