“You Can’t go Home Again” Serigraph by William Schimmel

There is something about this piece that called out to me…..Just had to get my hands on it!  Now that I have acquired it, I wonder where will I be able to go to get it framed up? Preferrably with one of those transparent sort of acrylic frame….hmmm???


You Cant go Home Again By William Schimmel

"You Can't go Home Again" By William Schimmel

“You Can’t go Home Again” is a limited edition Serigraph on artist paper that is numbered and hand signed by Schimmel! Includes Certificate of Authenticity! Measures Approx: 44″ X 30″ (with border), 40″ X 25″ (image). Listprice: USD$2,000.00 

William Schimmel Jr. (who prefers to be called “Schim”) is the son of talented watercolorist William Sr. Like his father, Schimmel spent many years teaching art. Due to the popularity of his work, he now works on his art full time. Schimmel’s talents are not limited to painting, as he is also a gifted musician who has played professionally in a handful of bands in his home state of Arizona. His father’s artistic teachings focused primarily on landscapes. As a result, William now primarily uses nature scenes for his subject matter. 

Edition Number : 131/375
24″ X 30″

serigraph n.
A print made by the silk-screen process.

2 Responses

  1. I love your article… totally unique..

  2. Thanks but I doubt if it qualifies as an article… 😉

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