The Hunt For ‘Acrylic’ October…

Hunting for an acrylic framemaker for my serigraph led me to an interesting merchant.  I am still a little confused as to my recent encounter with them, but still I went ahead and paid them to frame my piece.  ( Leap of Faith?) Here’s why……

I had been communicating via email with a ‘Harry’ on a recommendation for the type of frame, the ‘how to’ on mounting and getting a quotation for it.  He had given me pretty swift replies and gave me quotations for both the acrylic frame I wanted as well as an alternative & cheaper aluminium one, so I decided to get it done with his company and so asked him how I would go about ordering it? 

He requested for me to bring the art piece down to his office/showroom to get the order done and that it would take two days to complete.  I didn’t quite understand what he meant so I gave him a call to clarify.  He explained over the phone that they would custom make the frame and do the framing of the piece for me.  I agreed and told him that I would either bring it to him today or tomorrow.

Well it was a sweltering hot afternoon! Still I made my way to his office at approximately 1330hrs to learn that he was out for lunch.  His colleague called him on his mobile and was told to go ahead and accept my art piece and so hung up.  I was surprised and informed his colleague that I was not about to hand over my art piece without and invoice of sorts for work to be done.  The colleague called Harry back and informed him, then requested I take a seat as Harry was coming back in five minutes. 

I suspect they are used to dealing with corporations or companies and not so much on an individual customer basis.  Anyhow Harry came back and introduced himself to me, a soft spoken and very decent looking chap indeed.  I explained to him that it was my first time dealing with their company and I would prefer to have an invoice etc. also if they could deliver it to my home upon completion?  He was accommodating and replied that he would make arrangements for it to be delivered, hence would require my details.  He prepared the invoice marked ‘COD’ and so I inquired if I could pay by credit card instead, he replied Yes but it could only be done at the office/showroom.  At this I decided to go ahead and settle the payment straightaway.   He thanked me for my order as he handed me the invoice and receipt, I smiled and walked off with it. 

I looked at the invoice as I was walking and noticed that it had my name and address, even the frame I ordered but was uncomfortable that there was no mention of the piece I had handed to him for framing.  So I penned this below the decription of the item being ordered “received from customer 1 art piece 30″ x 44″ for framing” (stupidly forgetting to include the title of the piece etc.) and went back to the office for him to acknowledge.  He did so willingly and off I went again.

Hmmm…hope all goes well….

Anyhow here is a sample of the frame I will be getting:- note however that mine will be landscape and have six spacers instead of four.


Acrylic Sandwich Frame

Acrylic Sandwich Frame


Oh and by the way the merchant has their own website and impressive range of display items! Their name Display 101!

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