Finally The M. Office I Can Afford!

One of the perks you get when you work for a Company you love!  Well what this post is about, is a combi of Microsoft Office and working for my company.  You see I’ve always wanted the original software to be installed on my relatively new laptop but didn’t want to spend that exuberant sum of between $300-$600 for it, so I had to live with Openoffice till now. ( Don’t get me wrong, Openoffice is great but all my files in the office are in Microsoft office 2007 format) 

I had a nice surprise email in the office on a exlusive deal for all permanent staff who work for the company.  So long as I continue to work for the company, I could purchase the original Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 from Microsoft which is packed with a whole lot more for only $41.10!  Initially is sounded more like a gimmick, or rather it sounded to good to be true, but hey what did I really have to lose? $41.10? *grins* So I went online an placed my order.  Within a mere three days, I had the orginal software in my mailbox, installed it and everything works wonderfully!

I can’t thank Microsoft and my Company enough! *chuckles*  Woo hoo!


So What’s in Office Enterprise 2007 ?


4 Responses

  1. heeheh.i dun even use half of those programs…

    i don’t quite like 2007 verision.. oh well.. 😛

  2. Like it or not it is still more or less one of the International standards yes? 😛

  3. I have discovered OneNote about a year ago, when I was working on a new web developing project.
    The project was demanding for research and collecting information from many resources.
    OneNote was the perfect solution for us.

    Today we use only OneNote for our web developing projects and research.

    Thank you for the post.
    Happy to learn new things every day.


    • I still trying to figure OneNote out but thanks for sharing…Yeap it’s
      always exciting to learn something new….

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