OSSIA Music School At Civic Centre Is A Let Down!

They have a few branches around Singapore and if the service standard at Civic Centre is anything to go by then you’ll know what is in store for you.

  • Both of the teachers were not encouraging nor showed any genuine interest in teaching.
  • The guitar teacher Cindy tried to shirk her responsibilty by claiming that Seth was slow, not progressing and hence needed special coaching from perhaps another teacher.  In actual fact she only wanted to have adults in her class and we know this because she rescheduled two other children to attend another class not conducted by her and was today working on rescheduling Seth.  What is the point of quoting a music degree when you cannot teach children who are keen and interested to learn?
  • Expects us to reshuffle our schedule instead of reshuffling theirs when we had specifically signed up for the date and time that was optimum for us. 
  • Manager of the Centre did NOT even call me as requested to clarify the situation.

I have since withdrawn both Seth and Kenan from the centre!  Seth is still keen on learning guitar so I will be looking for another school for him.  Kenan on the other hand has lost his interest in learning the piano.  Well he is still young and there are still many other opportunities for him to explore.

Wonder what do they mean? When they say “”Quality Music for Everyone” has been the school’s commitment to all our students, and will be for the time to come.”

3 Responses

  1. Just thought I’d give my two cents 🙂 I started off with a private teacher at home and later moved on to Cristofori Music School.


    I have fond memories of those early years. I have no experience with the guitar course there but my piano teacher was very encouraging and patient yet strict in ensuring I was keeping up with practise at home.

    I’m so glad the election is over! Finally I won’t have to step outside and be surrounded by campaign signs everywhere. Too bad Prop 8 passed but compared to last time, it only won by 4% so we’re making progress.

  2. Hiya Kris,

    Glad to hear from you and you were lucky I guess. The ‘About’ page of OSSIA mentions that the founder was the one who first named the school he started as Cristofori Music School but later as the demand grew, he went on to open Ossia Music Schools so I am now skeptical about just how good they really are. Perhaps they have lowered their standards over the years to meet the demand?

    Thanks for your feedback though, and I am glad Obama won. As to Prop 8 well I am sorry to say we differ on opinions on that one, I am all for it.

    *bear hugs*

  3. I think it depends. My first teacher was Ms Tan, she is a very patient teacher. She knew that i don’t have a piano at home, so she help me acquire this piano room for me, and i could train there as long as possible. But when she left and Ms C****** came, it wasnt going very well. She was talking about her life for half of the lesson, and since she was a new teacher there, she didnt have the power to help me acquire the piano room although no one was using it. I quit after a month teaching with her. But she is helpful as she gave me a few piano tuners number: ) The course fee is affordable, but its just the counter staff that is a little unfriendly and snobbish. But i wouldnt mind going back to Ossia for lessons.

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