Burn Notice Season 1

Starring Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Sharon Gless & Bruce Campbell


Burn Notice is a very clever, witty, laid back and a very entertaining thriller.  

It starts out with a spy in a middle of a top-secret mission getting ‘burned’ (fired without warning and left to fend for yourself) he escapes and later finds himself awaking and stuck in Miami with all his accounts frozen.  To make ends meet, he basically takes up odd jobs as sort of a Private Detective while he searches for the reason he was ‘burned’.  

Jason Donovan is perfect in this role and Gabrielle Anwar whom I have had a crush on since ‘Scent of A Woman’ sizzles in this series!  And how can I not mention Jason’s goofy sidekick Bruce Cambell who takes this series humour to a different level.    The finale for the season in this box set combines both part 1 and 2 into one seamless explosive action packed punch!  Can hardly wait for season 2…

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