Skype Internet Telephony

I remember a couple of years back that is when they first started, I downloaded and tried the software and while it worked fine, the sound quality etc. wasn’t all that great at the time.  Also very few people I knew, either heard about it or even bothered to setup accounts so I couldn’t really test it out fully.  Besides not everyone had a fast enough connection or a good enough PC setup.

Recently I decided to try it out again and this time round, I am amazed at the sound quality and convienience of setting up an account.  There are also a whole lot more options and services for which one can choose to pay for.  The only question is how many people are even using Skype or some other Internet Telephony software to begin with?

You can download the Skype software if you’re interested here

Friends and relatives do let me know if you’re on Skype okay either in the comments section or via email?  Or you could just do the poll….

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