My Gadget Buy

I had been contemplating on whether to purchase the Belkin Desktop Internet Phone for skype.  It looks great and has what looks like a very easy setup.  Even the write up on Asiaone in July of this year was quite good. 

The only problem I had was whether to cough up the amount of USD117 (SGD179) on something I may or may not fully utilise.  Afterall guys like me sometimes finds it hard to resist the temptation of getting our hands on gadgets we deem COOL! However after weighing the pros & cons……Oh alright…it was only one big CON which led me to look for a cheaper alternative.  And that is….since my last post on wanting to know how many friends and relatives I have using skype, the answer is currently a miserable ONE.  Then again he was the only one so far who responded so ….

Anyhow so instead of getting this…..


I got his instead as it was on offer…..USD14.10 excluding shipping…..


P.S. Oh Jill! Are you on Skype?? Haven’t received it yet, but will need someone to test it out with, cos the chap I know in Japan is usually swarmed with work!

4 Responses

  1. you sure that’s the reason not… or you just wanna hear my beautiful voice? haha. yup i am..

    its jill.symons i think if you look for me.

  2. Can’t it be both?? And I’ve added you already Yay! Am I correct to say that you’re only 7hours behind?? ❓

  3. caaaaaan! and yup, 7 hours it is. but i don’t usually go on unless i’ve arranged to chat with someone beforehand, so lemme know! hor.

  4. Wah Piang Oi! Still need to make appointment ah? Okey Lor….the phone should arrive next week then will let you know hor…. 😉

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