Dear Santa..

Dear Santa, 

I have almost everything I need, so here is something I don’t really need and yet want for Christmas! It’s just something that most guys would love to have which does not have anything to do with the opposite sex. *grins*


99 Euros or SGD184.00 exc. shipping

Agent M Spy Sunglasses 180°
The Agent M Spy Sunglasses 180° will be available as of 12th December.

These unusual sunglasses have lenses that are mirror-coated on the inside, at their outer edges. They reflect everything going on behind the back of the person wearing them to allow perfect observation without having to turn around. The new MINOX spy sunglasses are also exactly what they look like, a perfectly normal pair of sunglasses with excellent UV protection.

4 Responses

  1. i just want a psp for christmas

  2. I want three! One for me and two for the kids 😆

  3. Hi!

    Nice Blog! Happy to keep following this!

  4. Thanks mate! 😉

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