Mission BirdWatch

Well there seems to be a new theme to the Birdpark, and there are some parts still under construction. Anyhow as always the kids enjoyed themselves.  Here are the pics we took…….


Oh and for the fun of it, there are 3 bird photos for you to guess or state their respective names. The photos will have an X placed under them (X name this bird).  The first person to state all three names in the comments sections wins 3 complimentary tickets to visit the SIngapore Birdpark.  Contest ends 8th Dec as I will need time to mail them to you, also the tickets expires Dec 2008.   If there are no clear winners then I’ll just give them to whomever has the most right answers.  Happy playing………Oh overseas contestants are welcome though you won’t have much time to make travel plans…hee hee

Answers will be up after 8 Dec 2008

Update 08 Dec – Looks like there are no winners….check the photos again for the answers

Oh and here are two additions for two of the birds in question….


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