Christmas Countdown..

So the Christmas countdown starts…

So what if you are told not to buy presents?  Yup not one present is to be given whatsover?! That is precisely what was told to us in a homily for two years running.  Christmas presents or the spirit of giving Christmas presents happens to be a commercialized concept apparently  and has nothing to do with what Christmas is really about or at least from a Christian perspective.   And although this is not something new, how does one tell their family members or very close friends that hey sorry but we will not be participating in gift exchanges this year or the years to come?

Of course giving Christmas presents to Charity or money during this festive period would not go against our beliefs but can you start teaching your very own children this early that the giving of Christmas presents is not what Advent is all about?  And that merry making as in the way it is done at Christmas parties should be avoided?  Well if you are truly faithful then the answer is a resounding YES!

Can you have it both ways? Or a watered down version of the merry making during this festive season? 


With prayer and reflection you’ll have the answer to these questions…..

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  1. gift exchange during christmas is not christian, but it’s not a sin either what… so why were you told not to give presents when it’s not wrong? shouldn’t people be allowed to give their loved ones gifts as and when they please?

  2. People who succumb to man-made commercialized traditions often lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas.

    Giving to the needy during this period etc is not wrong or a sin but what is the tradition of gift exchange all about? Or giving gifts to those who do not need them? Is it then not a pagan form of a celebration?

    Why does one need to give a loved one a gift on Christmas day? The day that our saviour was born?
    Can giving a gift to a loved one be given on any other?

    Hmmmm let’s try looking at it at yet another way……..What if people decided to exchange gifts and party on Good Friday?

  3. “giving gifts to those who do not need them”.
    – are we not doing the same thing during birthdays then? i mean if someone wants to give a gift, why would it matter when they gave it? giving a present on the 25th of dec is pretty much the same as giving one on any other date what.

    “is it then not a pagan form of a celebration.”
    – the new testament doesn’t give a date for the birth of jesus. this date, 25th dec, is in fact already a pagan celebration.

    “why does one need to give a loved one a gift on christmas day?”
    – i don’t think one NEEDS to give gifts on xmas day. one CHOOSES to give a gift.

    “the day that our saviour was born?”
    – we don’t know that he was born on that day. and anyway we receive presents on OUR birthday what right. haha..

    “can we give gifts to a loved one on any other day?”
    – that’s exactly my point, if i can give someone a gift on any other day, why not xmas? we should be able to give whenever we want, any day of the year.

    “what if ppl decided to exchange gifts and party on good friday?”
    – good friday is a day of mourning if i’m not wrong. to mourn the death of jesus. it’s the complete opposite of xmas day. xmas is supposedly the day of his birth. when someone is born, don’t we usually celebrate?

    anyway i agree la that people can and do lose the true meaning of xmas, but it doesn’t mean that the giving of gifts should only be allowed on the other 364 days now does it?

  4. “Happy are those who have not seen and yet believe”

    See how easy is it to lose sight of the intention and meaning behind the post. Yes I could provide answers to each and every one of your question and still it would not be enough.

    Through prayer and reflection the answers will come….

    *bear hugs*

  5. i do believe, but all i’m saying is that i don’t think xmas is supposed to be a sombre occasion. on xmas, we celebrate the birth of jesus. celebrate, being the operative word…


  6. Where pray tell did I say or mention that Christmas is supposed to be sombre? 😛

    And the ‘CAUSE’ of the celebration is actually the ‘Operative’ word.

    Not Santa Claus, Not Presents, Not Christmas Trees, Not drunken wild parties. 🙂

  7. no of course xmas is not about all those things. that’s a definite. but giving someone a gift is not against christianity. whether a gift is given on 25th dec, or let’s say 16th july, does not and should not make a difference. as i said ppl should be able to give gifts whenever they want. of course if i give a gift on xmas, because i think that’s what xmas is about, then i’m wrong. but what if i want to give a gift for whatever other reason besides it being xmas… ok how to put this…. if i give someone a present today and it happens to be the 25th, does not necessarily mean i’m giving him a “Christmas Present”. haha ok la this is getting a bit tedious. i got bladdy stiff neck all, can’t even look at my keyboard properly. I’M IN PAIN! arggh! lemme know when you wanna skype. maybe we can continue this then. hehe..

  8. Okay sweetie…take it easy….No one is stopping or even discouraging you from giving gifts whenever you feel like it. That’s your perogative….you know ‘free will’ and all…*grins*

    Erm so where’s my gift? 😆


  9. well i would charm you with my presence, but unfortunately i won’t be back for xmas! hee.. 🙂

    • Awww shucks!…..Erm wait a minute…that’s a blessing too….cos then I wouldn’t have to stay too long in the confessional.. muhahaha! 😆

  10. TSK TSK TSK!

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