Message For G..

Hey G,

Hope you’re keeping warm in the UK as it must be getting chilly this time of the year.  Are you having a blast?  Anyhow how just wanted you to know that you can call me anytime of the day using skype even if I’m not logged in as I have it forwarding the calls to my mobile using skypeout credit. 

Oh do let us know soon if everything is fine as you know how mom gets….


Love ya,

*big squishy bear hugs*

2 Responses

  1. It is one plus in the morning here in UK while I’m reading this….I think it should be about 0 deg C….and to add to the cold, I’m now wet cause of the tears that your little note has brought to my eyes,

    I’m fantastic and I’ve been having a really good time. I think I am a little disappointed with London, hugely due to the fact that I guess I’ve over hyped it in my mind.

    The history in great and the best sight I’ve seen so far would be the West Minister Abbey. Wicked!!! (new term I picked up). How is me ol’ dearest? (hee hee another new term I’ve picked up)

    I would say I’m having a grand ol’ time cause I am just adoring Julie and Gary and of course Arne. They are great! If only Gary wasn’t my nephew and wasn’t 12 years younger!!!

    He’s gorgeous, I’m in love with the way he speaks and he’s got a wicked sense of humour. Will tell you more when I get home.

    Just wanted to let you know I love you loads, and to give mom and dad a big big hug from me. Kiss the 2 boys for me and of course you could french kiss Frances 🙂

    Love love

  2. Will do….except for the French part… 😉

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