One Night At Costa Sands Downtown East

I am and have been feeling under the weather these few days, and to add to my woes it was raining the whole of yesterday! Being part of the celebration for Seth’s Birthday, I had purchased tickets to watch the 1930hrs ‘Greatest Show II’ which comprised of acts performed by the Moscow Circus. ( blogged about this about a week back)

Well knowing it would end at approx 2130hrs we decided to spend a night at the Costa Sands Chalet Downtown East.  We checked in only at about 1515hrs due to the super long queue.  The Resort itself is nothing to scream about as it is now a little run down but hey it is still clean and comfortable enough.  (I’ll list the amenities a little later)  Even though it was raining heavily the kids were still keen on going swimming so I told them perhaps a little later if the weather got any better.    In the meantime we bought some durian pancakes for tea and waited for the rain to die down.   I only managed to bring the kids swimming at about 1700hrs and even then, it was still drizzling.   An hour later we had to rush to get changed and have our dinner.  The Food Court was packed! so we ended up at Mcdonalds instead before making our way to D’Marquee to watch the show.

The seats were a little too small for oversized people like myself, but still comfortable enough ( wonder if anyone who saw me seated in that tiny seat thought I was part of the circus act? *chuckles*)  The show was Fantastic! the kids were just as entertained as the adults. Hmmm I wonder if I mentioned this before…..but Russian Ladies are gorgeous! Well at least the ones we saw….*grins*  

We checked out this morning after breakfast,  and later in the afternoon I made my way to work.  BOY! Am I worn out!!  Oh and I didn’t take photos this time round because not only was it a pretty gloomy Monday but photo- taking or video was not allowed during the performance.

Till next time…..Cheerio!






ooops…the amenities for the Chalet are as follows:-


  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Twin beds with 2 pull-out beds
  • Attached bathroom
  • Television Set  
  • DVD Player
  • Refrigerator
  • Hot Water Flask
  • Towels


Our Room No.

Our Room No.

The Room!

The Room!

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  1. hey jules… take care!!

    • Gee Thanks madame…*sniff*

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