Wrong Choice OF Bank To Handle My CDA Account

Well we had to choose between Standard Chartered Bank and OCBC and I chose the former for two reasons.  First reason was simply because when the forms from the two banks arrived, OCBC’s forms had a screw up on theirs whereby certain personal details of mine was garbled.  The Second reason was that my Dad had banked with them for over 30years. 

Well I guess that their ‘Big Strong & Friendly’ Days of old, in which their slogan was sung with pride are over!  My Childcare centre informed that they were having problems with getting payment for my son’s school fees in Aug and then again in Sept.  I called Stanchart to enquire why and how soon they would be able to rectify the problem and was told that they were looking into it. 

I gave them a earful before finally getting someone who informed me that they were experiencing problems with the migration of customers information etc from POSB.  They offered a small token to me and assured me that the problem would be rectified. 

Finally in Oct, the Childcare Centre managed to deduct the full oustanding 3 months of fees.   Then in Nov, I got a call from Stanchart verifying if I was aware of deduction request for Nov by the said Childcare Centre, I requested to know if this was an on-going verification process since it does not make sense for me to confirm every month for the Giro deduction to take place.  They once again assured me that it was a one time affair.  

Friday 12 Dec I got another call from the Childcare centre informing me that the deduction had once again failed.  And when they contacted Stanchart, was told that it had something to do with a missing DDA which to me was utter nonsense since the deductions were successful the last two occasions.   When I called StanChart again to clarify, no one from the their Call centre could handle my queries and informed me that they would get someone to call me back.  I received a call only hours later from a lady with a ‘sing-a- song’ tone telling me that the fault did not lie with them  and that I would be required to fill up some application again.  I gave her a good scolding and requested to speak to her supervisor.  Again the supervisor could not give me resolution, and requested more time to investigate before getting back to me. 

Today 15 Dec as I still did not get a return call, I called them once again in the morning to learn that they had no listing for the names of the people I had spoken to on Friday, but that they would get someone from the appropriate department to call me back.  I received a return call only at approx 1700hrs and to summarise the whole call…..they admitted that they had not rectified the problem since Aug but instead they were doing the deductions manually.  They however assured me that they have finally resolved and fixed the problem. 

I thanked them for finally giving me an honest explanation even though it took them a few days and a quite few calls from me before they did.  I also informed them that I would be terminating all my accounts with them, and writing to MCYS to request a change for my CDA account to be handled by OCBC instead. 





CDA – Child Development Account

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