The Ting Tings – We Started Nothing Album

Hmmm maybe I have strange tastes in Music since I DO have a vast selection and genres….. Anyhow when I heard just how catchy the songs from a few tracks were as it was being played at HMV, I rushed and paid for it!  Oh and I paid $2++ more and got the one with the DVD included.

Song Title_ Time

1. Great DJ   3:22  

2. That’s Not My Name   5:10  

3. Fruit Machine   2:52  

4. Traffic Light   2:57  

5. Shut Up And Let Me Go   2:51  

6. Keep Your Head   3:22  

7. Be The One   2:56  

8. We Walk   4:04  

9. Impacilla Carpisung     3:39  

10.We Started Nothing   6:22


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