Black & White..

A trip down memory lane……….

I was just recalling how amazed and thrilled I was when we first switched from a Black & White TV to one with Colour!

And NO I am not talking about the Colour of the television set itself but what you actually saw onscreen.

For those who really cannot visualise what it must have been like….just take a look below, this is how how I first watched ‘The Lone Ranger” then later…

Lone Ranger BW

Lone Ranger BW

Lone Ranger In Colour

Lone Ranger In Colour

Then there were fond memories of some of my favourite cartoons at that time like this one….



BUT my ALL TIME FAVOURITE TV series at that time has got to be Ultraman! I even remember crying when my TV broke down just when one of the episodes was about to start.  My mom made arrangements for me to watch it at my neighbour’s house ( Auntie Lucy ).



Hayata  (Ultraman)

Hayata (Ultraman)

And then there was the TV series which featured a Gorgeous GODDESS….

Oh mighty Isis ss ss ss!

Oh mighty Isis ss ss ss!

But the WOMAN that really made me go WOW! was WONDER WOMAN!  In fact even in my early teens, Lynda Carter still turned me on! 😳 *Chuckles*

Wonder Woman ( Linda Carter)

Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter

Oh and if you’re wondering what led me on this trip down memory lane, well it is because I was reading this article on how by Feb 2009 TV in the U.S. will be broadcast only in DIGITAL.   So that means the youngsters of today will be recalling how once upon a time there was Analog TV but they will not even know what it was like before COLOUR! 😛 😉

Anyhoo…regardles of our age group, we will ALL get to see the latest Wonder Woman in Digital!

Megan Gale

Not convinced she’ll make a great Wonder Woman?  Then Click Here!


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