Just Had A Wonderful 30min Eye Massage..

If like me you have eye bags and frequently experience eye strain due to the nature of your job, then wouldn’t you want to do the following if you could find an effective way to do so?

  • Reduce eye bags, dark circles & crow’s feet
  • Relieve eye strain and eye problems
  • Increase blood & oxygen circulation around the eyes
  • Feel a little more relaxed and have a sound sleep

Sounds too good to be true and just some fanciful advertisement right?

Well maybe….but all I will say is that even though it was a spur of the moment purchase, I had a wonderful 30mins eye massage with my newly purchased Bio-Ray Eye Therapy & Contour Lifting Massager!  It has multi select settings for the various functions like Air Pressure, Massage, Anion and Heating but the default was good enough for me.  I especially liked the heating bit whereby you could actually feel the warmth and circulation around the eyes as the massage progressed.

I tried doing a search for this product online but couldn’t find any site selling it or even promoting it, strange right?  In fact I was surprised to learn that the EBENE Brand of Bio-Ray products, such as Knee Guards, Elbow Guard,Body Shaping Belt,Men’s Health Briefs,Women’s Health Panty,Multi-Purpose Gloves are all from or part of GINVERA and can be purchased online on their website.  And again it is strange that they do have this product on their site either, anyhow I bought my set from John Little at Marina Square.





5 Responses

  1. I am interested in the Bio-Ray Eye Therapy Massager.
    How much is it and where can i get it.


    • Hi,

      it was available at Watson’s for $198 at one time, not sure if the price has dropped or it is still available there though.


  2. Hi, I wondered if you’re still using this product now? How long u been using it and do you find it effective? Thought of getting one. Thks.

    • Sorry for the super late reply, I stopped using it simply because I got too lazy but it worked well when I did. 🙂

  3. My normal pharmacy price for ebene eye massager was $400 ++++ yesterday ???? I am deaf and not working so I worry my eyes now getting very difficult to see now

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