Movie IP MAN aka YIP MAN


Starring Donnie Yen,Simon Yam,Siu-Wong Fan,Yu Xing,You-Nam Wong,Chen Zhi Hui,Hiroyuki Ikeuchi,Xiong Dai Lin

In short this is a MUST WATCH Film, great action, great fighting sequence and choreography, great casts, great storyline and even great values in which children can learn or rather take away from watching this movie.

Now for the long of it….

The film concerns itself with the period of Yip’s life prior to the war with Japan and his association with Bruce Lee which didn’t begin until 1954. It largely takes place in Yip’s hometown of Foshan in China’s Guangdong province which borders Hong Kong.

Producer Raymond Wong has already announced plans for a sequel that will continue the story of Yip’s life, specifically with regard to his training of a young Bruce Lee. Yen and Wilson Yip are planning a worldwide talent search to find a suitable actor to play Lee.

Actor Simon Yam, Yen’s co-star from KILL ZONE (aka SPL) appears in IP MAN along with actress Lynn Hung as Ip’s wife and veteran screen fighter Fan Siu-wong, portraying Yen’s main martial rival. Fan is most famous in the West for his starring role in the gory cult classic STORY OF RICKY (1991). He previously worked with Sammo Hung in the forgettable wuxia pian FLYING DRAGON, LEAPING TIGER (2002).

Sammo Hung was hired to choreograph the Wing Chun fighting due to his previous experience in adapting the close-range martial art to the screen in the kung fu classics THE PRODIGAL SON (1982) and WARRIORS TWO (1978).

“Those two films for me were the most accurate Wing Chun movies ever made, and our mission here is to top that,” said Yen. “It was also great to have Sammo on board to do the action, so that I could concentrate 100% on just acting the role.”

Yen reportedly spent as much as nine months preparing for this role, a rarity in Hong Kong cinema. He trained extensively in Wing Chun, maintained a strict diet to trim down his muscle and even applied method acting techniques behind the scenes to get into character.

Interestingly, this was not the first time Yen was offered the chance to portray Yip Man. A decade earlier he had signed on to an Yip Man biopic with Jeffrey Lau and Corey Yuen attached but the project never got off the ground.

Even more amazing is that there has never been another movie about Yip Man made, this despite years of kung fu movie output from Hong Kong, often featuring famous folk heroes such as Wong Fei-hung or inferior rip offs of Bruce Lee.

6 Responses

  1. This is a gret show…
    I watched it on Xmas with my family… 🙂

    • *Hi Fives Koi Koi* Can’t wait for the DVD cos this is one of those movies that I will watch over and over again! 😀

  2. Warriors two and Prodigal son were probably the best wing chun portrayals before the movie “Ip Man”. But Ip Man outdoes both movies and leaves them at bay.

    The older movies are completely influenced by directors who wanted to show flashy Kung Fu moves and has killed the Wing Chun principles altogether. Prodigal son was a little better. There was a similar movie called Descendants of Wing Chun.

    Maybe because Ip Chun is involved in the movie or maybe the true intentions of portraying the real IP man style of WIng Chun this movie is the best we have every seen.

    I am ever grateful to the makers and actors of this movie.

    • Thanks for taking the time to share this with us, and I loved the movie so much I already bought the DVD. 😉

  3. very good and very good

    • Yup and Yup… 😉

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