Happy New Year 2009 Folks!

May this year be kind and fruitful for all of us, and may God watch and keep us in his loving care always!



7 Responses

  1. happy new year to u and yr family!

    • Thanks mate! And to you and all at home! 🙂

  2. BIg hugs!!

    Happy 2009! Miss ya~

  3. happy new year! love to all!

    and so niiiiiiice you changed the favicon! yes, i noticed. 😀

    • Jill : Happy New year Jill! Favicon? Erm what’s That? 😳 *hugs*

      Eileen: Yeah miss ya too! *big bear hugs* Happy 2009 and when we going to meet up eh? 😉

  4. oh.. weird. it’s not there anymore. it’s that logo or emblem thing on the left of the http in the address bar. now it just shows the blue explorer E, but yesterday it showed your profile picture…

    • Oh I see what you mean…I see it using firefox! *muacks* ha ha

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