Back To School & My New WannaGet…

So today the Kids go back to school, Seth starts Primary 2 and Kenan is now in K2.  Well I am pretty sure they enjoyed themselves during the recently ended School Holidays, especially when their grandmothers bought them each a PSP and lots of Ben10 and Bakugan toys! Anyhow from today onwards, they will have restrictions to them….afterall without control there will be Chaos!  *chuckles*

Oh and I fell in love with this pair of sunglasses which I really….really want to get my hands on *sigh*Yes it cost a fortune but this will be my last pair for a few years…Honestly! Anyhow will see….





Cost Del Mar Green Mirror 580 Lenses

Cost Del Mar Man-O-War Frame With Green Mirror 580 Lenses



Fierce. Powerful. Big. Man-O-War is a creature most people avoid. Not anymore. These sunglasses are made for big adventures and big faces, with removable side shields for maximum protection against dust, sand, spray and anything else nature throws your way.


Tech Mumbo Jumbo On The 580 Lenses

Yellow light is the enemy, on the water and on land. Costa 580 lenses use patented technology to cut down on the yellow light, allowing the eye to see more red, blue and green. Simply put, they’re the most advanced glare-beating polarized sun lenses on the planet, and they’ll change the way you see, period. Performance is in the details, and here are the goods on 580:

* the yellow light near 580 nanometers is particularly difficult for the eye to process – so we block it
* they offer sharper contrast, better definition and enhanced colors in any environment
* backed by U.S. Patents 6,334,680 and 6,604,824, so the other guys don’t have it and can’t touch it

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