My Newest Mobile Blog

Okay so in Jan 2008 I started one entitled ‘Jules On The Go’ when I was using a Sony Ericsson phone.  However when my phone died…. so did the blog!  Well apart from the phone dying, I found the picture quality on that blog wanting… also I hardly updated that blog.  But looking back at the post I do miss some of the pics and posts which I forgot to save before deleting the blog.  

Anyhow I started a new one when I found out I could mobile blog using the LG phone, which I doubt I will ever delete EVEN if the phone dies, besides it gives me the freedom to blog whenever or wherever I am!  ……though it is unlikely it will be as updated as this one which I adore!



*Other Tiny Updates*

  • added the link to Blogroll to show this mobile blog
  • And if you  haven’t noticed, there are alot more links of which I frequently use.
  • About page – shows a bigger pic of the gravatar seen at the comments section hence you will see that I’m not actually wearing sunglasses but they are in fact my @#%*! eyebags!  😦
  • Musical eggs updated since Dec 08
  • Oh and thought I just highlight the fact that I have had a link to Stacy Reeves ( under blogseeds) for sometime now…You might want to check out her amazing, fantastic and brilliantly done Wedding photography shots.
  • Oh2 and this is an update to an earlier post regarding the gift basket scam!

*update to post on 04 Jan*  Apparently the pics from the old mobile blog was not deleted! YAY! Only the blog was….found a link to the pics


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