“Instead of New years resolutions, set S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals” By Tom Venuto

Why do new year’s resolutions usually fail? Why do you start
with guns blazing on January 1st, but by February, you’re
losing motivation, cheating on your diet, skipping workouts,
and slipping back into old patterns?

John LaValle, a master trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming
(NLP) suggests that we should take a closer look at the meaning
behind the word “Resolution.” Being derived from the word “re-solve”,
it literally means “to solve again.” And isn’t that exactly what
happens? You solve the same problem again and again, year after year?

You know what I’m talking about. That 20 pounds you lost last year,
and promptly gained it right back. you are now resolving to take
it off again aren’t you? The very nature of the word resolution
implies gaining it back again.

Suggestion: don’t make resolutions. Set SMART goals.

Resolutions aren’t even real goals. They’re more like wishes, and wishes
are wishy-washy. A wish becomes a goal the moment you put it
in writing. When you write your goals in a certain way, following
scientific principles of success psychology, you’ll skyrocket your
chances of getting what you want this year. and keeping it.

One of the most tried and true methods for goal achievement is
the SMART goals formula. If you searched the net for SMART goals,
you would probably find a dozen different variations on the SMART
goal acronym.

Here’s my version of SMART goals, along with a little extra to
make them even SMART-ER.

1. Specific. Set goals with clarity. Your mind does not respond
well to vague generalities. If you say your goal is to lose weight
and then you lose one pound, then you’ve reached your goal. Is
that what you really wanted? Get clear. Be precise. Be specific.

2. Measurable. Set goals that can be quantified in measurable
units such as pounds, body fat percentage, lean body mass, inches
and clothing sizes. Performance goals can include strength
(lbs or kilos lifted) and repetitions completed. Don’t forget
to include health goals as well, such as blood pressure and
blood lipids.

3. Accountable. Set goals you can be held accountable to. First
be accountable to yourself by using a weekly progress chart,
a daily nutrition diary and a training journal. Then double
your motivation with external accountability and submit your
results and journals to someone else who will hold you to your

4. Realistic. Set goals that are attainable and maintainable.
If you lose two pounds of fat per week, you are doing awesome.
30 pounds in 30 days sounds great in the advertisements, but
it is not typical, and rapid weight loss is likely to consist
of muscle and water, not fat, and is nearly impossible to

5. Time Bound. Set goals with deadlines. Time limits are highly
motivating. With no time limit, there is no urgency for completion.
Set goals for daily workouts and nutrition, weekly weight and body
composition and 12 week changes in weight, body fat or measurements.
Set long term goals as well for one year, five years and even beyond.
For all time periods, be certain that your deadline is realistic.

Now we add some motivational ooompf for this year by making your
goals even SMART-ER!

6. Emotional. Goals give you a direction, but strong emotions are the
propulsion system that drives you in that direction. Build up a burning
desire by focusing on the emotional reasons why you want to achieve
your goal. Connect your goals to your values. What’s most important
to you about reaching your goal? If you reach 9% body fat, or whatever
is your target, what will that do for you? What will your life look
like then? How will it make you FEEL?

7. Reviewed often. Resolutions fail because they are casually set
once at the beginning of the year and easily forgotten. Stay laser-
focused by writing and reading your goals every day. Repetition is
one of the keys to re-programming your mental computer for success.
Use the goal card technique. Write your single most important body
or fitness goal on a small card, then carry it with you every where
you go, reading it several times a day.

S.M.A.R.T. GOALS is a simple, memorable formula for goal setting
and goal getting. It may not be new, but then again, there are no
new fundamentals. Methods and tactics may change, but scientific
principles of success never change. And don’t forget to make your
goals even smarter this year. A goal that’s not strongly desired
and kept in front of you every day will be forgotten. Stay focused,
eat right, train hard and expect success!

“A goal that is casually set and lightly taken will be freely
abandoned at the first obstacle.”

 – Zig Ziglar, Motivational Speaker

Tom venuto

8 Responses

  1. hmmm.. that explains why i haven’t started on any of my resolutions!

    • JAG läsa din post utom kunde inte svara från kontor , på något sätt det vill si du har skrev ute något målarna. Äsch och for övrig du utseende stor i upprörande skär! 😛

  2. alamak, not you too!!! k let’s see.
    i read your post (but) could not answer from office, in a way it says you have wrote [(without any goals) or (about some goals)]. anyway you look (big!!! but i think you mean great haha) in shocking pink!

    hehe why thank you kind sir!

    • Either you have a long way to go for your lessons or the translation page is hopeless…hee hee and Yup I did say you look fabulous in Pink! 😉

  3. maybe both! but i think your translation page is translating word for word… but it was fun trying to decipher! hehe.

    • This is what I got from the page….pretty close actually and comes with an accent too! 😆

      “SELF read your post except was not able to reply from office , anyway at least you have groin out somewhat goals. Oh and by the way yous look grand in outrageous pink!”

  4. what’s that about groin? hahaha.. what’s the website?

    • Well you know the swedes are known to be sexy people..muhahaha!


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